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Some of the first stories in the world were rather interesting, but containing little more than three incomprehensable words, including 'Ug', 'Uk' and 'Ug-Uk' (the derivation of the word f***). Many people argue that the Bible was the first Story-book, but were soon after executed for heresy. Dr Malcolm Jinsby, a professor at Oxford in literature, says: "The Bible was the first ever storyboo- what are you doing to me? ARGH!"

So it may be a likely theory.

A primitive Storyteller (Artist's Impression)

Modern Stories[edit]

"In Soviet Russia, story exagerates you!" - Russian Reversal on stories

One more popular book closer to the future is "Mein Kampf" by none other than the beloved Adolf Hitler. After tht comment the Americans are no doubt after my flesh. Nothing new. Oh well. Do you know they moniter whoever buys "Mein Kampf" off of Go on, give it a try, and if the FBI turn up at your door, don't say I didn't tell you so. Well, you can if you want.

A Modern genre is comedy, and none is more hilarious than "George Bush- A Rule of Prosperity" by Cindy Lawhard, full of sarcasm and irony, as you can tell from the title. Others from her range include "Saddam Hussein- A Rule of Freedom", "Joseph Stalin - A Rule of True Communism" and "Potty Monsters".

Cindy Lawhard, a Crazy Nanny, or Genius Comedian?


Maplestory is an online game where you have sex with each other, be gay on different accounts, and cross sex change. Of course, if you wanna play that game, be a girl. Go up to a boy and say "Hey there, handsome!" be continued...


Why are you reading this? There is an 84.9782% chance this article is telling stories, porky pies or lies. That bit about the bible? Who's heard of "The Bible"?? Come on, are you stupid. Uncyclopedia sucks, admit it. Yes, admit it. This IS NOT a porky pie. In fact I think I'm going to tell the worl- wait..... that's the phone, I'll need to answer that, I'll be back in a minute, and be just as ANGRY!!!

A Skilled, Ancient Storyteller






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