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Solemskogen is an independent state in the middle of Norway. It is largely populated by moose-like people, but a small number of humans still live there, refusing to give up on their claims to the forest nearby, the "kökskog". The crime-rate is the highest in Europe, because of the roaming tribes of moose with poor education, which repeatedly burn down the state wood-church.


  • The currency is a little furry animal known as "Petter". NAM!
  • The head of state is a very green piece of wood, which, if you stare at it, will open a transdimentional port, shove you through it and scowl at you in a rather accusing way.
  • Due to hostility towards Norway, Solemskogen's existence is denied by the Norwegian government.
  • Every year the inhabitants in Solemskogen have a huge party to celebrate Solemskogen's day of independence( November 30), where they eat blueberry muffins and Petter.
  • Kjelsås just lost 5 mooses, because of the Helsingen family moving away.


Solemskogens first appearance on the map was as the independent republic of SLMSKGaaN, being the Norwegian word for "the annoying beep you get in your ear sometimes, but not after summer, and not after sexual relations with your brother's wife". this was in 1199. After a series of unions and failed coalitions (especially the rather unconvinient one with Equador), the country was invaded by Finnish pimps in 1240, bringing about a change in culture. "WQQ", the art of keeping your eyes open even when they dry up, was banned, and then replaced by a sort of pancake. Up until this day, Solemskogen has remained mostly as it was in 1240, just without the Finnish pimps, who were all killed by drunk Sami people. People that don't know Solemskogens forests, is warned NOT to enter these woods, because of the famous pedophile, Jotta that lives there. After the the invasion of the Finnish Pimps in 1240, it was chaos in Kjelsås/Solemskogen and dinosaurs and polar bears were roaming the streets, eating and terrorising people. Luckily the family Zachariassen got control over the area and is now controlling Solemskogen and the area around it. Solemskogen wins the prize "healtiest town" every every year. This is not because of the population here (which is actually pretty unhealty) but beacause of ONE boy, named Hermansen. On Kjelsås it is a myth that says he has never tasted candy..

Facts about Solemskogen[edit]

  • Area: approx. 50000000 sq. kilometres (About the size of a normal Ikea)
  • Population: 99(humans) and 12^3 (moose)
  • Major cities: None (at all) (Petter)
  • Form of Government: Violinistic Dictatorship
  • Solemskogen is known to have invented the hair and the art of reproducing asexually.