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Batman performing the seizure.

A seizure is a popular dance move that is completely universal. In fact, it is so unique, you don't even need music. Extreme caution should be taken when performing the seizure, some of the advanced moves are so demanding that people sometimes have to be hospitalized.

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First Public Performance

The first time a seizure was performed was by Oscar Wilde, when he was drunk enough to do the Worm, but too drunk to perform it correctly. He ended up flopping around, and everyone pointed and laughed. Thus, it became the second most popular dance move of all time.



When a person becomes extremely good at performing the seizure, they are referred to as Epileptic and an exceptionally fine performance it is known as a Grand Mal.

Occasions to Use the Seizure

  • At your sister's dance recital
  • At your sister's piano recital
  • At you sister's Birthday Party
  • In your sister's Presence
  • At your sister's Funeral
  • At the Mall
  • Not at the Mall
  • Thinking about the Mall
Ha ha! Your little brother is having a seizure!
  • Not thinking about the Mall
  • Thinking about not thinking of thinking about the Mall (etc...)
  • When reading this sentence....................................................................., haha look a comma
  • When not reading this sentence
  • When you need a Taxi
  • When you don't need a Taxi
  • When you need an Ambulance
  • When you don't need an Ambulance, but still want one
  • If you appear on Oprah
  • Funny Overload (to get back at someone)
  • Yeah! Anytime! why not?



More Seizure!

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ACK! My neck!

At this point, the article had to be discontinued, because the author (yo mufasa), user:Serq fet broke his neck performing a seizure when Not thinking about the Mall. So we will cut to something to give you a seizure.