Inverted Colour Day

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Inverted color day is one of the most famous dates on the Cult of Knowledge's calender. On 2nd February every year, the entire world is presented in it's opposite coloured form. To those that follow the cult of knowledge, this day is as important as Christmas is to Christians. It proves that they are not mistaken in their faith, and that the prophet, Nick (Santa's slightly evil brother) does actually wield power sufficient to change the world.

This is how the caterpillar normally looks
This is how the caterpillar will look on inverted colour day


It is thought that inverted colour day was created when the prophet Nick was imbued with magical powers (due to a snake bite from the infamous Ronald). On that very day, Nick declared that every 2nd February should see the colours of the entire world inverted, so as to provide a grand spectacle for all of his followers. the 2nd February also marks the day that the Book of Knowledge (the cult's bible) was finally finished, and presented to the people. The day is also thought to have evolved from primordial sludge in the dark depths of Norfolk, England, due to the spelling of 'colour'. Some hypothesise that the annual occurrence of this event drove the perpetrators of the Great Colour Heist to committing that senseless act. Others don't.

When was the First Inverted Colour Day?[edit]

This fact is sadly still unknown (as it is yet to occur), but followers remain adamant that it will occur on 2nd February 2008. The fact that it has not yet occurred, however, does not stop followers celebrating this hallowed day. They come in wearing clothes that would suggest that they have been inverted, much to the dismay of it's gothic followers, who have to wear white clothing for one day of the year. It has been said that on the first inverted colour day that Nick wore a display of a black top (with a red and yellow stripe) with some bright yellow trousers that could rival the sun in their brilliance. Unfortunately, the brightness o his trousers caused the prophet to spontaneously combust and die shortly afterward.

What Else Happens on Inverted Colour day?[edit]

The followers of the cult of Knowledge are not known for their happiness but for their viciousness. As mentioned, they believe the prophet Nick died from spontaneous combustion after wearing his bright yellow trousers. Some followers re-enact this by setting fire to their equivalent of the pope (the grand square)whilst he is wearing bright clothes. This tradition serves to remind us of the prophets sacrifice- as he gave himself so that others would know the dangers of wearing yellow and bright colours in general. Followers have also been known, on this day, to take part in the ritual sacrifice of the dumb and ignorant. They do this by smothering them with a yak- imported into the country especially for this ritual.

How Can Inverted Colour Day be Stopped?[edit]

It cannot be stopped, and the day will regularly occur without any way to stop it. Some have tried to purge the world of the followers of the cult of knowledge, but this has proved unsuccessful (due to the fact that all the followers, as a pre-requisite must have an IQ of over 175 in order to join, and that alone is enough to easily rival the entire government's IQ combined). The only possible way scientists have theorised would be effective in avoiding the horrific effects of Inverted Colour Day would be to have yourself shot through the forehead, or possibly sidehead.