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I have put this in ICU as it is not funny as it currently stands and I am not sure if you are still working on it. If in fact you are indeed still working on it you may want to add {{construction}} somewhere on the page to signal it as a work in progress. On the other hand if you feel you are finished with the article you may want to submit it to Pee Review to see what others think of it.

As far as this article is concerned you may want to suggest "over the top" punishments such as locking the child in a dark closet for three day because they spilled milk. Alternatively you could take it to the other extreme and suggest the parent "encourage the child's creative talents" when the child does something like writing on the wall.

With a little work I can see this being a great article. --Sgt. Fluffy 20:13, 28 May 2008 (UTC)

I added pictures. I know the captions are not that good but if you can improve them please do. Me