HowTo:Sneak Food into a Movie Theater

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It's easy to sneak food into a movie theater. Simply buy the candy and snacks they have, but at your local WalMart where they are 100 times cheaper. Then put them in your purse, go into the theater like normal, and voila! You can now enjoy the snacks of the movies without hating the price!

Getting past the bag-size restriction[edit]

Some cinemas have limited the size of handbags that they will permit past the ticket booth, and have prohibited backpacks and totes. But this is easy enough to circumvent. Simply carry multiple handbags, plus a fanny pack, and stuff your pockets and umbrella too. Kid-sized candy bars, like the ones you find around trick-or-treat time, work nicely for this. Just be sure to take them out of their large plastic bag that they come in so that the rustling is minimized on your way into the theater.

Bringing drinks into a movie theater[edit]

This requires a bit more ingenuity. You will need to find drinks in sealed, unopened containers, such as cans, or bottles. You may be able to fit a single can or bottle into a handbag, useful if, for example, you require diet soda without aspartame, or you prefer fancy mineral water, orange juice, apple juice, or energy drinks to soda. But gentlemen travelling alone will perhaps look suspicious if they bring a handbag to the theater, unless they are dressed in drag (in which case, using the bathroom may become a serious issue in some areas). What is a guy to do? Simple - it is called "layering" for a reason. The bottom layer becomes your food or drinks from outside, then the undies, then a sweatshirt or long trousers or jeans, and finally, a long overcoat with inside pockets. The clueless guy at the theater entrance will simply think you are overweight. Be sure to stuff uniformly so that one arm is not larger than the other as viewed in the mirror. The main drawback to this is that there are no free refills, unlike the large soda at some theaters.