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People constantly worry about being "up Shit creek without a paddle." Luckily, being stuck in this infamous body of water is not as bad as it sounds, if you make the right decisions. Here are some helpful hints to help avoid an otherwise sticky situation.

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Step-by-step guide[edit]

  1. Make sure you are in fact up Shit creek, and not a normal creek that was unfortunately named. The most telling signs are a rather pungent aroma, murky water, and a feeling of utter hopelessness. If these signs aren't present, then you are up a normal creek.
  2. Attempt to hail other boats. Many people get stuck up Shit creek, and most of them won't have a paddle. Hopefully, someone brought a paddle or has a motor. If this is the case, hop onto their boat or have them tow you.
  3. If nobody has a paddle (the most likely scenario) attempt to pry some loose timber off your boat. This can be slightly tricky, since you don't want to cause your boat to sink. Stick to boards located near the top of the boat, and the sides, do not touch anything on the deck.
  4. Once you have a board, use this as a paddle substitute, it isn't the fastest method but more effective than drifting.
  5. Paddle towards other boats, and recruit other rowers. Since nobody likes to be up Shit creek, these people should be more than willing to help you paddle. Insist on using your boat, and once you have enough rowers, sit idly by and let others do your work.
  6. (Optional) Resort to piracy, and plunder those in your path. Some people up shit creek are lawyers, bankers, and doctors. Seek these people out since they will have more money. Avoid the poorer looking people, since they are more apt to rob you. The booty must be distributed amongst your crew, a 50-50 split between you and the crew should be appropriate.
  7. Once your boat exits Shit creek immediately pray to whatever deity you worship. Only by the will of God/Allah/Buddha/Vishnu/Zeus/Posseidon/Thor/Shenron/Nightrider/Chuck Norris/Flying Spaghetti Monster/etc. did you escape. (If you are missing a deity you are back up shit creek, and thusly must escape again, the method you just used should work, but if not guess where you are)
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  • Bring a paddle. If you are the kind of person who constantly finds himself up shit creek, do yourself a favor.
  • Don't agree to be in a Jamie Kennedy film no matter how much you are offered.
  • Don't let yourself get stuck up shit creek without a paddle. Whether it's poor organization, a stressful life, or just forgetfulness, find the cause and fix it. Nobody wants to be up shit creek.
  • Make friends. Since most people find themselves up shits creek more than once, it helps to get to know the regulars. Not only will their advice prove invaluable, idle chatter can help pass the time and stave off boredom.
  • Avoid mutiny at all costs. You'd rather be up Shit Creek than in Shit Creek.
  • Visit the Shits Creek Paddle Shop before you are caught without one.


  • Beware of pirates. If you can read step 6, so can someone else. This may mean you are not the only pirate on shits creek, so form a large crew and be wary of the surroundings.
  • Shits creek is in fact a creek of shit. Do not ever touch, drink, or even get near the creek itself. If at any time your boat tips, pray that your death is a swift one.