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It is important in advertising to appeal to the values of your target audience. Generally, you will want to market your products to suburban youth, because they have the most money.

The original logo seems boring to youth
Add a black person and spell some words wrong, and the kids will love it.

Statistics tell us that some of the things suburban youth value are:

  • Ethics
  • Acceptance of others
  • Animal rights
  • Politics
  • Rules

The values of youth vary greatly but fortunately there is one thing that all suburban youth have in common: they all wish they were black.

Lets start by taking a normal advertisment. To appeal to suburban youth, just add a famous rapper. If your budget is limited, any black person should do.

If you must use white people in your advertisments, use the invert filter in your image editor to make the person appear to be black. Kids can't tell the difference.


Proper spelling is a no-no. If you can't find unclever pun-like spellings yourself, the following table might help:

Replace With Example
..cks x rocks rox
..x ..cks sex secks
..s z beats beatz
c.. k cool kool
to 2 HowTo How2
(...)for 4 before b4
(...)er ah tennis player tenniz playah

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