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How Would You Like To Earn Thousands Of Dollars Per Week Writing From Home? Sound Good? There Are Companies Who Are Looking For Freelance Writers All Over The World Whether You Have Experience Or No Experience![1] Now, This Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry,[2] You Are Guaranteed To Make An Extra Income Without Headaches.[3] You Don't Need A Bachelors Degree Or A PhD[4] To Start Making The Money You Deserve. Your Income Will Sky-Rocket In Less Than A Week If You Follow My Step-By-Step System.I Know There Are Programs Out There That They Promises You Results And Leave You Hanging On The Ropes[5] Well, I'm Not Going To Do That[6], So I Am Going To Make You And Offer That Will Blow Your SOCKS OFF"[7] For Only $49.95 A One-Time Fee Only, No Hidden Charges, Or Subscriptions Fees Thats My Guarantee,Now If You Don't Start Making Money Within 30-Days I Don't Want Your Money, Simply Log In To Your Paypal Account And File A Claim[8] And I Will Process Your Refund No Questions Asked"[9]

  1. Trust me, they're that desperate...
  2. In Zimbabwean Dollars
  3. I will not be held liable for stomachaches, exploding arteries, or male breast cancer.
  4. Hell, even if you already have one just go ahead and throw that baby away!
  5. I mean this figuratively.
  6. I would do anything for love, but I won't do that.
  7. See, there's a FREE metaphor you can use in your own writing! You're already on your way!
  8. Claims will be auto-deleted.
  9. Refunds will not be given.

Rave reviews!![edit]

What is the “man on the street” saying about the Write At Home System?


“I can't even write good and I got big moneys!!”


"This is way better than giving blow jobs to random men for wooden nickels!”

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"I made so much money writing from home that I was able to get my body back from the pawn shop!"

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"I'm not into making money, but if I was, this is how I would do it."


“I made $5 just by spamming terrorist threats across the internet!”

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"I love it even though I don't exist!"

Risk-free notice!![edit]

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