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UnNews welcomes your contributions! But before you start, perhaps you'd like to read about how to do it. Our Style Guide at UnNews:Style discusses how to ensure your articles' quality and adhere to UnNews' "bottom of the barrel" standards.

Done? Good. If you've decided to create a new article, type the title into the field below. (There is a similar field on the UnNews main page.) No capital letters except at the start and where the rules of grammar call for them--You did read the Style Guide, didn't you?

When you click on Create page, you'll be in the familiar Uncyclopedia article editor, editing a document pre-loaded with some additional instructions to you. The {{News}} and {{Date}} lines at the top are set to put today's date on your article and add it to the correct categories. The stuff that looks like <!-- this --> is a coding comment. It is talking to you. Read it, obey it, and you may delete it.

In the section Sources, complete the five lines with a description of the real-world news item, if any, on which you based your contribution. Again, there is more help in this section of the Style Guide.

When you are done, press the "Preview" button to see how the finished story will look. If anything is wrong, keep editing; then press the "Save page" button. Your story is published worldwide and the headline will appear on the UnNews front page under today's date.

New article QuickStart[edit]

Type your desired headline into the box below, then click Create page.

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