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This cat-tortoise is experiencing a Hallucination.

“I wash my hands of this weirdness.”

~ Captain Jack Sparrow on hallucinations

Hallucinations.gif are when you experience things that other people don't. It doesn't matter if the other people aren't here, you are still hallucinating, maybe. These things can have any size from a dot to the size of a Halluci nation, which is very large and quite probably will squish you. This is because other people are either blind or dumb, not because the hallucination is not really there. If you're seeing a grue on this page, don't panic, it's caught in a that loop for a little whiAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHH MY LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also a hallucination can be the result of a drug or possibly putting on your underwear on backwards. Many famous people often have hallucinations, and are quite proud of it usually resulting in their return to their parents to make them proud of what they have accomplished.

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The Penguins[edit]

They're in our ears, man! Our ears! They're putting peanut butter in your uvula! The flowers are coming out of your nose! Cosmic, man!

For more on Penguins and the Halloooo, see: 7-Up

  • Penguins! Ahhhh! How cute! Wait. What? What are you doing with th-? No-! No!!! HELP!!! STOP IT ARHGLEBARBlEBLORP-*

Pink Elephants[edit]

You're not alone; Walt Disney suffered from them, too.

Extreme alcoholics and children's cartoon animators are also prone the hallucinations in the form of pink elephants. This is well-known and was extensively depicted in the 1944 classic blockbuster Dumbo the Elephant.


There are no dancing mice on the page, please go get yourself checked. PLEASE!!!