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Waiting For Godot[edit]


Waiting For Godot To Write The Article[edit]

This article will be posted momentarily. Just keep refreshing your browser every few minutes until it appears.

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I wonder if there is an article about Samuel Beckett on Uncyclopedia. Let's find out.

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Waiting For Godot On Stage[edit]

Nurse: The clock hath struck and struck again, and yet he is not here.
Juliet: Why does he not come? O feel how my heart trembles...
Nurse: 'Tis unlike a gentleman to make a lady wait, if she is not a lady-in-waiting.
Juliet: Good Nurse, your jests fly like lead balloons so vexed am I.
Romeo (entering chamber): Hallo! I am here!
Juliet: Please sit, good sir, and have a cookie. We are waiting for Godot.
Romeo: I would like to snuggle-rape the shit out of you!
Flakeo (entering, riding your mom): FLAKEO!!! I LIKE LITTLE BOYS!!!

Waiting For Godot To Get Out Of The Loo[edit]

Hasn't he finished yet? Maybe he has...and is just tormenting us. Unlock the door, Godot! We know you're in there!

How can it take Godot 45 minutes to use the water closet? Perhaps he has escaped through the window, leaving his friends on the wrong side of a locked door. Perhaps he suffered an infarction, and will never use the loo again.

We should be patient and wait. But it is difficult.

Waiting For Godot To Reboot[edit]


Waiting For Godot At The Arrivals Pickup[edit]

We've been around the pickup loop three times, and Godot is still nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he's still at the baggage claim? We saw him there earlier, but he wasn't there when we went to get the car. We'd park and look, but the traffic cop won't let us. She keeps telling us to pull around, and...

WAIT! It's Godot!

Oh, wait, no it isn't. That fellow looks remarkably like Godot, though. Perhaps we should hire him to show to Godot's mother, and just leave Godot here.

We're increasingly unhappy that we didn't bring Godot's niece; she's rather good with the Where's Waldo? books.

And now the traffic cop is telling us to move along. Where are you, Godot?

We've been around the pickup loop four times, and Godot is still nowhere to be seen...

Waiting for Godot To Finish Drinking Coffee[edit]

Godot drink.gif

We waited for hours outside of the coffee shop for Godot, but he was nowhere to be seen. What could Godot be doing in there? We looked, but he wasn't there. That's one of his rules.