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 Pac-Man Score: 500 Moves: 3

> Play Pac-Man

You don't have any quarters. how do you expect to play an arcade machine without any quarters?

> Inv

You have a slingshot, the Hell Outta Here, some Big Red chewing gum and a keychain. Oh, and you have $8 in one dollar bills.

> Look for a change machine

Sorry man, there is no change machine. You'll need to find a quarter somewhere.

> Examine arcade room carefully

Man, you are lucky. Sitting on the Pac-Man machine is a small stack of quarters. I would guess about... 3 quarters.

> Play Pac-Man

You start a game of Pac-Man. It appears someone has h4xx0r3d the machine, as the ghosts spawn right in front of you and kill you off.

> Un-h4xx0r the machine and play again

You un-h4xx0r the machine and put your second quarter in. You get 200 points before the ghosts kill you. You then put in your last quarter and get 300 points.

You've never played Pac-Man before, have you?