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 Taking the Bus to the Mountain Score: 77 Moves: 8

> use public transport

Luckily for you, The Great Underground Empire now offers a free shuttle-bus service for adventurers going from the White House to the Mountain.

There is a shuttle waiting by the pick-up point.

> board shuttle

You board the shuttle-bus. As it drives away, you notice something odd about the driver. He's hairy and box-shaped. Oh no! He's a grue who has eaten the driver. This bus is full of n00bs! They have not yet mastered extreme sarcasm.

> use extreme sarcasm

You use extreme sarcasm, killing every living thing in a ten-metre radius. The grue understandably dies. So do the noobs. The thing is though... who's driving the bus?

> drive bus

You take the controls of the bus, and drive it to the mountain. You crash it into a ditch. Its fuel tanks explode. Maybe you should take some driving lessons.