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 HoH: You don't have that no mores!!! Score: 100000 Moves: 15

You don't have the Hell Outta Here any more! That's why you got that katana thing from that Japanese guy!

> Oh yeah

Guess that means you want to fight the Grue empty-handed.

> Ahhh!!! No!!!

Too late!!!

The grue's back is to you. You punch the Grue. It turns and looks at you.

> Leave! Run! Escape!

Too late!!!

You punch the grue again. It's getting angry.

> Fly Away! Abort! Hail Taxi! Beam me up Scotty!!!

Too late!!!

Actually, now that I think about it, you did fly away that one time...

> Fly Away

I don't know...

> Fly Away


> Fly Away

All right, fine. You fly out of reach, and are not eaten. Yet.

> yay

That Taxi you hailed, however, was.

> oh well. sucks 2b him

But you still need to get past that Grue to rescue the Princess. What weapon will you use to fight the Grue?