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 grue2.0saga Score: 2 Moves: 0

> Fire the shotgun at the clone
The grue is momentarily stunned, and you notice a crown on its head. A joke comes to you, and you blurt out some lame joke about the "king". Instead of exploding in a flash of light, however, the grue stares at you like you've lost your mind. Then, it suddenly bursts out laughing evilly. You obviously realise that this clone is not like the others.

"Foolish adventurer! Your extreme sarcasm does not work at all on me. You think I'm a mere grue? Think again! For I am specially engineered by my master, who for plot purposes I can't tell you about, to lead the rest of the grues in the Beta Sector. That's why that girl you've been trying to rescue had tried to infliterate our aggregate. But you haven't seen anything yet! Behold the power of the new and improved Grue King!"

Then the grue starts crouching down and making strained noises. You start to think that this grue has suddenly become constipated or something, like something you see on Dragon Ball Z. Before you could do anything, however, you notice that he is starting to grow bigger. You smack yourself, trying to convince yourself that this is a dream, but it's not; this grue is really growing almost up to King Kong proportions. But that's not the worse part; it's not just the grue itself getting bigger, his body mass is expanding as well!

As he contines to grow, the grue bends his arm up, and his arm muscles get bigger and stronger, and he bends his other arm up, and it gets bigger and stronger, and... you get the point.

It all results in this: one giant, ugly Grue King, with huge muscles and a crown (which grew along with his body). You are now convinced that maybe he deserves that crown after all. With a primal roar, the Grue King exclaims:


What will you do?