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 grue2.0saga Score: 2 Moves: 0

You hear pounding start down the corridor. It slowly moves off into the distance. Great, you think, they're gone.

You run down the corridor to give the girl medicine. When you reach the place she was, you find that she is not there. God damn, if they ate her I'll kill them all. Great chance of that, but as you continue down the corridor, you find her hanging limp above a large pot of boiling alcohol. Damn, they have weird tastes. You untie her and give her the medicine. When she wakes up, she just sits there, still intoxicated. "Who the hell are you?" she asks. You fumble for an answer that she might understand, but finally ask, "Where am I and what's going on?"

"This is the Beta Sector. We are being invaded by grues. They have developed a civilization and have destroyed many towns already. I was sent to stop them, but it didn't wo-"

BANG! A shot rang out from the darkness, and the girl drops dead in front of you.

Oh, damn it! you think. I went through all that trouble to save that girl, and she dies anyway! Now how can I have hawt secks?

Just then, you see a grue holding a shotgun, still smoking from having shot her.

What do you do?