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 Living room Score: -10 Moves: 4

> "Here you go, some cash to buy yourself Big Red"

The boy looks as if he just thought of something really evil to do to you, but he ends up taking the money from you happily. "Heh heh...thanks a lot! Wait here, and I'll give you back the change."

Since you do want the change back, you wait as he goes out to buy himself some Big Red. About a half hour later, he returns with a package of Big Red and is happily chewing on one of the sticks of gum.

> ask the kid to give back the change

The kid says "Of course! Come here and I'll give it back, as promised."

You walk over to him to get the change, thinking that this kid may just be much nicer than what you first thought of him way, way back when you were dealing with him in Zork 1 when all of a sudden, the kid pulls out a knife (that he just happened to have bought with the leftover change) and stabs you.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You fool! That's what you get for tricking a poor, sweet, innocent kid!"

As a result of this you end up forever regretting that you turned a kid that used to be both sweet AND innocent into a horrible cold-blooded killer. Specifically, the horrible cold-blooded killer of you.

*** You got screwed ***

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