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 France Score: 7878 Moves: 6

> Get to airport

You go to the airport.

> Fly an airplane

You manage to hijack one of the planes, you terrorist!

> Land in Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris

After a long trip, you finally arrive at the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

> Get out of airport

You leave the airport.

> And look for the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées, Arc de Triomphe and the local McDonald's

You manage to find three McDonald's outlets before any of the famous places in France.

You stop in one of the McDonald's you found and order some food.

> Eat hamburger

Nice. Paris. Really, you wondered why you've always wanted to go here, and you realize it's because of that film you've seen; "One Night in Paris". Now Paris turns out to be a city with 5 million inhabitants, many who speak French (you don't), and some riots. You decide to ask around for the Grues.

> Hey nigga, you know where that Grue went?

"Par bleu!"

> Hey, I asked you something.

Note: In French, "you know where that grue went" is the worst possible French for "There's some shit on your face. Want me to lick it off?" (which is a very 'funny' German joke, but Germans are infamous comedians).

You give up talking with the French bastard, but he comes back while you're enjoying your French fries, and beats the Shit Outta You (SOY). That is no good. You survive, but have, just for an example, only 1HP left. If you still want to see the Arc de Triomphe, at least, you might want to get a ride there to rest your legs. That one HP spreads thinly on you; they currently feel like toothpicks.