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 Cloud's Fight - Calling In Hero Score: 20,050,000 Moves: 18

> Hero! Do you hear me?

Suddenly, You hear wings. A nice looking armored guy, Getting off from a mutant pokemon. "Thanks, fella"! He says.
> Who the hell are you?

"Shame on you! Don't you know me? I'm (Removes Armor) I'm The HERO!
> (Thinking) Oh...First Some Wings...Next A Pink suit...Then a stupid princess...And now a an Idiot?

The (Hero) Removes his suit. Now...Another suit! It's Hero's!
> (Whispers to narrator) Psst...What about the face?

No prob! Now he removes a mask! You know? I'm starting to like you.

Hero Joins Your Party! Great, pal! But However, Cloud is now bored and is so pissed that you are not fighting. He Exchanges All His MSP into a very powerful attack on Hero, Killing him. But Just Before Hero dies, he exchanges all his MSP to you. Now you've gained a new ability: Cloning! It Allows you to create any number of clones you'd like, But it should be less than 4,000 clones. however, every clone requires 1 MSP.



  • HP: 500,000/500,000
  • MSP: 1,495,000/1,500,000


  • HP: 0/360,000
  • MSP: 0/0 (He converted all His MSP to you)


  • HP: 500,000/500,000
  • MSP: 0/500,000

Now, You have Three options. You must choose wisely to defeat cloud.