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 Wesrivia Score: 0 Moves: 8

> Beat up

You beat up the person. It turns out that the person was your now ex-best friend: Robin S. Hood.

> Oh shit, I'm sorry, Robin

"Sorry doesn't cut it! You did that out of jealousy, didn't you?"

> But it was a mistake...

"ENOUGH! We will settle this NOW!" And with that, he faces off against you.

You Robin
HP: 200/200 HP: 200/200
MP: 300/300 MP: 400/400

Robin uses his sorcery skills. Robin gets a grue army. Your turn.

You Robin Clone Army
HP: 200/200 HP: 200/200 HP: 750/750
MP: 300/300 MP: 400/400 MP: 0/0