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 AAAAAAAAA! A grue! Score: negative a lot Moves: who cares?

OK... Are you retarded? The crate is marked "Danger" and the link says baby grue. Do I really need to make this more clear? The baby...

> kill baby grue

You are definitely retarded. It may be sunny, and your sarcasm may be extreme but the baby grue is wearing shades and earplugs. It flies at you and rips your face off. You fall to the ground and die of blood loss while the grue takes its earplugs out and shoves them up yyour nose to add insult to injury. The grue was going to die due to the sunlight, but you just HAD to interrupt me. The grue dies too thanks to that kickass sarcasm, but at least it killed you first.

*** You have died ***

Would you like to start over, restore a saved position, or end this session of Zork 3? (Type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):