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 Tunnel Score: 55 Moves: 8

> Ask person their name

It so happens that this is your best friend, Robin S. Hood. He says: "What's up man! How's it going?"

> Dunno, so what's going on here?

"Well, the people here are a bit worried because the Grue Empire may be reforming."

> WTF??? I killed the Grue King and the Supreme Commanders!

"Well, they could be coming back. Today on the news, I heard that Tony Blair is being brainwashed by the grues."

> Not again

"Yeah. So, looks like you need to visit the Kytin Huffyn Islands. That's where the grues are planning their brainwashing ceremony. Grues have recently become far more common, so watch it."

And he walks away. Then he gets eaten by the grue who was in wait for you to walk by and get eaten.