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 Letter with Anthrax Score: -20 Moves: 9

> open letter

Congradulations, nimwit. You just got anthrax by inhaling the spores. Hasn't your mom ever told you not to open letters from A. L. Qaida and Osama B. Inladen?

> call ambulance

You realize that anthrax has, like, a 100% mortality rate if you inhale the spores? No ambulance is going to help you. You're as good as dead.

> yeah, so...

So you're gonna die.

> Just call the ambulance already!

Alright. It's not gonna help, but you call the ambulance, and in five minutes, the ambulance from Grue Memorial Hospital pulls up. You look in the window, and see that the driver and all the paramedics are grues. They are also wearing sunglasses. They come out to rescue you, and you tell them you inhaled anthrax spores. "Well, we were going to be nice and treat you and see if you survive before eating you, but we'll spare you the agony of dying of anthrax if you want," says the obviously hungry paramedic-grue.

> get eaten by grue

Wow. You're just going to give up? You know, that wasn't real anthrax in the letter, but since you wanted to get eaten...

*** u r ded ***

Wud u liek 2 staet ovur, restor sevad poz, or end ur Zork 3 sessiun? (Tiep O RLY, YA RLY, uer SRSLY):