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 After the Battle Score: 171000 Moves: 22

The hairy monster falls to the floor.

> Inspect monster

On closer inspection, the monster is wearing a cloak.

> Remove cloak

You remove the cloak from the monster. It disintegrates in your hands, for some unknown reason. Underneath is a Kokiri holding a Pyrex. It runs off.

> Look around room

The room is too dark.

> Cast frotz

You cast frotz, using 20 MP and illuminating the room. There appears to be a door at one end.

> Go through door

You go through the door. It leads you outside. The fresh air gives you back your senses. You are standing on a scenic grassy ledge surrounded by trees. In front of you is a cliff drop of roughly 50 feet. A kilometre beyond the ledge is a grand city. You'll have to go down the cliff to get there. There isn't really anything interesting left to do here.