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 Forest Score: 100 Moves: 10

> Enter forest

You enter the forest. A bird is chirping from a small nest. There are a few strange purple mushrooms growing on the edges of a dirt road leading throughn the forest. You catch the metallic gleam of a strange object in the bushes.

> Examine bushes

You examine the bush and pull out a Brass Bauble. It looks strangely different from what it looked like in Zork 1. Perhaps it could be used for something? You also take the purple mushrooms. Anything else you want to do here?

> Yes, examine the bird and the nest

There is a small bluebird in a nest made of twigs. You scare the bird away and climb up the tree. You carefully make your way to the nest to see a small, empty slot in it. You can make out the tiny words:

Place ye Brass Bauble here.

You decide to activate the Hell Outta Here because you don't want to use it.

> inv

You have $8.00 in cash, a keychain, a slingshot, the Brass Bauble and three Purple Mushrooms.

> Place the Brass Bauble in the slot

You place the Brass Bauble in the slot. A strange reddish-orange ray of light is emmited from it. A portal mysteriously appears.