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 Summon religious zealot Score: ? Moves: ?

> Summon religious zealot!

Using 800 MSP, you summon a religious zealot.

> Attack the Ur-Grue

You charge towards-

> No, not me, the religious zealot!

Ok, ok, the religious zealot rushes forwards shouting things like "Mommy's porridge tastes good!" and "How many chickens are in that bag?" It self destructs, doing 499999999999999999999999900000 damage. However, the explosion killed your allies Dopefish and Homer Simpson.

> Dammit!

No time to be complaining. Captain Obvious is obviously losing against that giant grue that is running towards him at a surprising speed. The Ur-Grue just summoned Santa Claus, who uses body slam and breaks Tigger's tail. Spongebob Squarepants and his best buddy Patrick Star are currently running away from Chuck Norris, who seems to be enjoying himself.

The Ur-Grue uses 800 MSP and summons an Unholy Zealot, who runs at you shouting "n00b!" and "Emo attack!" It stabs you for 5000 damage.

> Check status

You: 245000/250000 HP, 3200/4000 MSP Ur-Grue: 100000/500000000000000000000000000000 HP, ???/??? MSP Unholy Zealot: 3000/3000 HP, 0/0 MSP