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> Fire teh Kitten Launcher

What kitten launcher?

> Teh one in teh destructible crate

Oh, that one. It was supposed to be an Easter Egg, dammit!

You yell 'TONIGHT, YOU DINE IN MCDONALDS!!!!' and fire the kitten launcher.

There is a sudden ghastly silence. There is a sudden ghastly mew. There is a sudden ghastly silence.

Then everything turns black.

> Wake up

You regain consciousness. You are surrounded by cute fluffy kittens.

> What? I won the game? Where are the credits?

No. The kittens have captured you for using them as ammunition. They look angry, but harmless.

> Here kitty kitty kitty...

A kitten comes towards you and mews, revealing its rows of very sharp teeth...You struggle with it for 23 seconds, but you are then ripped to shreds.

At least you killed the Ur-Grue...