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 Voldemort and the Upsized Burger Score: 100 Moves: Unknown

> That Cheeseburger looks delicious...

I know that.

> Its just out of my reach...

Oh no, don't turn into a second Voldemort!

> I'll just grab it across...

You shouldn't do that.

> Maybe take a bite or two...

You REALLY shouldn't be doing that.

> All right, I eat the whole damned thing already

You slowly savour the tasty goodness of the Cheeseburger.

You do not hear a voice chanting "Avada Kedavra" a few paces away.

You do not see a flash of green light heading towards you.

However, you DO notice the Cheeseburger fading from sight.


Too bad.

*** You've bit the big banana ***

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