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 Annihilus Totalus Score: 100 Moves: Unknown

> Cast Annihilus Totalus at Voldemort!

Warning: You do not have enough MSP to cast it.

> At my moment of victory, I can't possibly fail! Just cast it!

The spell critically fails!

You are now surrounded by cute, defenceless kittens.

> What? Is this Adventurer heaven? Have I completed the game?

Nope. This is kitten heaven, not adventurer heaven.

> Argh! Kill the kittens!

You attack the cute, defenseless kittens.

The fight lasts for exactly 0.47 seconds.

> Who won?

Guess who.

*** Mama mia! ***

It's a me, Mario! Would-a you like to start over, restore-a your saved position, or end-a your session of Zork 3? (Type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):