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 The Toilet! Score: ??? Moves: ????

> Sit on toilet seat

You sit on the toilet. Suddenly, you feel a sharp, piercing pain in your nether regions.


The brown lump happens to be a Genital-Eating Grue. It has just eaten your genitals.


Yes. The toilet cubicle is splattered with blood.

> Ahhhhhh! Get medical attention!

You run out onto the streets and into the hospital.

> Yay! Safe!

However, the kindly reception lady recognizes you as the wanted suspect in the murder of The Narrator and hands you over to the police.

> Now what?

You have been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

> Oh no!

Yes, Oh no. When you heard the news, you suddenly had a fatal heart attack. Who told you to eat so much fast food when you were young?

*** You have died ***

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