Game:Zork3/SecretEnding Blazaraagain

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 Blazara Score: ???? Moves: ????

> I cast Blazara again!

Are you THAT stupid?

> Yes!

Ok... You cast Blazara.

> What happened?

You burned yourself.

> Examine self

You look a lot like Darth Vader.

> Get lightsaber

I see no lightsaber here.

> Use force pull

You pull a lightsaber into existence.

> Cool! I slash everyone's head off!

Ok, you-


-promptly get eaten by a grue.

> What?

While using all your concentration to resist the temptation to chop off your own head, a grue sneaked up behind you and mistook you as his lunch.

> How could you? I was beginning to like you...

Life's like that. Get on with it. Noob.

*** You have died ***

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