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 Har har har Score: ??? Moves: ???

> What did I just do?

You've entered the secret ending through a very badly hidden link.

> Yeah! I rule!

Don't tempt me.

> Look around.

You are standing in a toilet.

> A toilet? What am I doing in a toilet?

You are enjoying the scenery and the fragrance.

> What are YOU doing in a toilet?

I am intruding in your privacy.

> Get out!

Ok. I am outside the toilet.

> Use toilet

I have no idea what you are doing inside there, since I am outside.

> Go outside

You stagger outside.

> Look

There is a grue outside.

> Ahhhh!!! I crap my pants!

Ok. The grue sees the crapped pants and dies of a heart attack.

> Yay!