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 Gruehermitknife Score: 0 Moves: 0

> attack the hermit

The hermit starts to froth in fury and out of his stomach pops a grue. Ha Ha.. no, really. Luckily in two deft motions you defeat the psycho hermit and the grue spawnling. Unfortunately, all grues know you killed a grue baby. You'll need some public relations work after this. Some strange item seems to be in the hermit's pocket.

> take strange item from pocket

You take the ancient artefact

> examine artifact

You can't see any such thing.

> examine artefact

Ha. That'll teach you.

It looks like a silver ring, but it seems to be irradiating a green light and is soothingly warm to hold and touch.

> mission

You need a hazmat suit.

Now you remember where you are! You can't wear the ring since it will kill you instead of turning you into the Green Lantern. And you can't put it into the teleporter because you need it for your mission.

But how are you getting out of here?