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 Library Score: 15 Moves: 26

"Detergent!" You scream with enthusiasm. Detergent is poisonous (you'd know) so why not?

"NO!" says the man. "If you'd had the sense to read the books I offered, you'd know they eat it!"

> Oh. Sorry.. so... what now?

"Oh, you'll see."

Out of nowhere, a detergent grenade rolls beneath you.

> use extreme sarcasm!

Okay... You roll your eyes and say "Oh no! A detergent grenade! Maybe I'll get cleaned to death or something! That would be like SOOO bad!"

The grenade explodes and you are coated with detergent.

> smell detergent

Smells like Tide. You look around, and see thousands of Grues, all looking at you. You don't even have a chance to think, because the Grues just ate you at the same time.