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 Outside M1CR0S0FT Score: 75 Moves: 60

> "So when was the last time when you guys came up with an innovative product? Like, I meant, not buying operating systems from other companies (PC-DOS) nor copying software from other companies (Office), but actually inventing a single original piece of computer software?"

Steve Ballmer says "Hahaha!! Who are you kidding? Look, nobody gives a fuck-- yes, our products might be buggy, idiotic, lame, obsolete, over-animated and full of crap in every other possible way, but it's the marketing that really counts. If we say that XP is the greatest progress in operating systems, then it is. If we say, that Vista will be better, it will!"

He smiles with an especially evil smirk and laughs: "And if we say Linux is communism, then it is!"

You suddenly feel very depressed and die.