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 Firey Abyss Score: 45 Moves: 41

> summon religious zealot

After slaying the last Grue, the Religious Zealot immediately lunges and attacks Lord Voldemort, all the while shouting logical, insightful, and well thought out diatribes on the lines of "Magic is the tool of Satan!", "Your fantasy world is perverting the minds of our children!", "Witchcraft and Wizardry lead to the bowels of hell!", and "Dear god, won't anyone think of the children?!". Lord Voldemort only barely survives long enough to kill the Religious Zealot, and you.

After you die, you find yourself in a firey abyss in the center of the Earth.

"Hello!", says Satan.

> Who are you?

"Satan", says Satan.

The devil bends over to tie his shoe.