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 Privet Drive Score: 30 Moves: 42

> enter 4


> enter house number 4

Before you can enter house number 4, you are stopped by what appears to be a giant.

> summon religious zealot!

You don't have enough MSP.

> summon greater demon of the abyss!

You can't control one of those! Besides, not enough MSP.

> summon... bob dole?

Not. Enough. MSP. You're out of MSP, alright? 0/2000. Now shut up, I'm trying to narrate.

> ...

... That's what I thought.

The giant introduces himself, "I'm Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of the grounds at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Oops, shouldn't have said that. Shouldn't have said that."

> ask hagrid why he is here

"I'm here for someone called Harry Potter. Most famous wizard--

> "A Wizzard? Damn, what a time to run out of MSP. And my lasercannon might attract unwanted attention. I'm in trouble."

That's wizard. One Z, not two. Huge difference.

--alive. Only one who survived the curse of You-Know-Who."

> "Hagrid, who is You-Know-Who?"

"Evilest of wizards. He's done terrible things, things too terrible to mention. The mere mention of his name strikes fear into even the bravest of wizards."

> "... What is his name?"

"It's... it's... Voldemort."

> "Hey, I'm trying to kill him! Any idea where I can find him?"

"No idea, but if you hang around Harry Potter long enough, you'll run into You-Know-Who soon enough. Ah, here he comes now."

A normal-looking teenager with glasses and a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead steps out of house number 4, the same house you were just about to enter. Hagrid pulls up his motorcycle and asks if you would like to come along.