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 Wizzard's Pantry Score: ? Moves: ?

You draw your light cannon and fire off a shot as quickly as you fingers allow. It's a good thing, too, because your target just so happened to be a Feminine-Looking Wizzard - the worst kind of all!

Unfortunately, you just remembered the advice your mother once gave you: Wizzard bodies are covered entirely in mirrors. The shot from your light cannon is about to come right back at you.

> pray

Too late. You're dead.

*** Ouyay avehay iedday ***

Ouldway ouyay ikelay otay artstay overway, estoreray away avedsay ositionpay, orway endway isthay essionsay ofway orkZay? (Ypetay ESTARTRAY, ESTORERAY, ORWAY ITQUAY)