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 hidden Score: ? Moves: ?

> go to hidden area

(assuming the player is a <choose><option>sophomoric white male, as usual)

You just found the hidden part of this game. What the hell did you do to get here? Cheater's aren't allowed to play this game of Zork when you accessed hidden parts of Zork. For that, you become unable to move your feet. Now you can't move, and that allows all types of Grue's to eat you.

> dammit, What have I done...

You screwed up, until now. The Grue's suddenly realise that your feet are bolted to the floor and can't eat you. You sigh in relief.

> phew!

Unfortunately, A Grue rips off your body from your feet up, shred you in a Cuisinart and they share a great picnic.

> crap i should have recited haiku!

*** You bitch. You died. ***

  • What do you want now?
  • Don't be a cheater.
  • restart
  • restore
  • quit