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 Codemaster Score: 0 Moves: 0

I don't think you have a knife....

You: But... then why is that option there?

It's only here because of some random contributor named N240....

You: Too bad! Enters Code: Summon Demon Knife

Well... fine.


A Bloody Demonic Knife is summoned and you grab it.

>Scan Knife

>----------< Scan complete:

Bloody Demonic Knife

Attack Power: 700

Defense Power: 0

Magic Power: 900

Tech Power: 550

Attack Speed: Fast

Hit Rate: 78%

Durability: 1000/100

You: Wait what? 1000/100 Durability?

Uh..... I have no idea... this is just what i found in the web....

You: ....


You attack with knife and the penguin dodges.

The Penguin attacks back with Wild Wing Attack. So much for the "Wild" part....

It misses...

Now what do you want to do?