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 Miley Cyrus Score: 3.1415 Moves: 42

> Bite them

That's disgusting, you know that? Well, fine, you bite them. I hope their blood tastes good, you sicko. Oddly, this only seems to incite them more. "You're a vampire!" they squeal. You try to dissuade them of this ridiculous notion - but it's too late, and you are now swamped by Edward Cullen-crazed teenaged fangirls as well who are demanding you take off your shirt and turn into marble. They are obviously speaking a different language in which words don't mean the same thing, so you ignore them. Suddenly, Miley Cyrus herself comes running towards you. Evidently she likes vampires too. Now you're really in for it. She breaks out into spontaneous song about how much she loves vampires and how she wants them to suck her blood. She twirls around, subtly switching her hair from its ridiculous dyed-blonde color to an even uglier pickle green color. Then she starts singing about mermaids. Quick, do something before she puts on seashells!