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> Stay and Fight!

After all, you tell yourself, one fist doesn't mean anything. You draw back your leg and launch...

> Super Groin Kick!

Your leg strikes something solid. It makes no impression on the guard's thick riot armor. But, you still have one fist...

> Super Gut Punch!

The guard catches your fist in mid-air, then crushes it in his gloved hand. Apparently, the guards employed here are a goddamned SWAT team/wrestler/Superman combination. Of course, you still have one leg...

> Super Shin Kick!

The guard does not look impressed at all, and now both your legs are broken. You are now handicapped. And...You have only one body part left to fight them with...

> Super Head Butt!

That was a wrong move. Your head connects with the guard's solid helmet visor, and as he beats you down with his bare hands, you're beginning to think being eaten by Grue is looking better all the time than this sort of punishment...

> So?

So, a sympathetic Grue breaks into the store and helps the guards finish you off.


*** Zork has won! ***

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