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> Go peacefully with Constable

You follow the Constable to his squad car. He unlocks the door, secures your handcuffs, and orders you, "In." Perhaps regretting ever following and cooperating with the policeman, you sit in the back seat in moody silence as the Constable gets into the car and begins to drive you to the town jail, which is several blocks away.

However, it is then you feel a strange sensation. The Constable begins to glow green, followed by the entire police car. Everything goes green. You are struck with terrific force from the side and slump over, unable to resist as the greenish force sucks through through a portal that has mysteriously appeared on the seat of the car. The Constable gasps in disbelief, and that is the last thing you remember until...

You awake. You are sitting in the same police car, but something has changed....