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 Town Asylum Score: ? Moves: ?

> Insult Orderly

You make an exceptionally rude comment about the orderly's mother, simply to vent your frustration and rage.

> Insult Orderly

You then insult him again.

> Insult Orderly

And again.

Suddenly, the orderly snaps and morphs into a Grue. He charges you in a rage. You flee from his rage. The receptionist pushes an emergency button, and the asylum security arrives. They lift their anti-grue sidearms and ventilate both you and the Grue.

Tough Luck.

*** You fail at Zork ***

Would you like to not fail, restore The Super Ultimate Final Conclusive Showdown Battle To The End save file, or end your failing session of Zork? (TYPE RESTART, RESTORE OR QUIT):

Or you can also (because you fail at Zork):