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 What the? Score: ? Moves: ?

You escaped Hell successfully!

You go to a nearby tank store, buy a tank, and drive the tank to the nondescript room. The Grue stands there. You shoot the Grue with a whistling pinwheel from your barrel.

Unfortunately, the whistling pinwheel explodes. The tremor makes the lightbulb fall on your head and electrify you. The Grue, whom you missed with the shot, chops off your head and adds it to his trophy collection. Oh yeah, it also took your whistling pinwheel. Tough luck, bitch.

*** Ouyay avehay iedday ***

Ouldway ouyay ikelay otay artstay overway, estoreray away avedsay ositionpay, orway endway isthay essionsay ofway orkZay? (Ypetay ESTARTRAY, ESTORERAY, ORWAY ITQUAY)