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 Zabalabanazaz Score: 100 Moves: ?

> Go to town

You go to the imaginary town of zabalabanazaz. However, since you have an awful imagination, zabalabanazaz lacks townspeople, shops, and robots to do manual labor. All you can see here is a lot of empty houses and an alleyway to the east. Suddenly, an imaginary robber runs up to you and stabs you in the leg.

> Attack Robber

You punch the robber square in the jaw, knocking him unconscious. Nice shot! You notice his fancy-looking butcher knife on the ground.

> Examine knife

It looks like the same knife from the kitchen in the house. It has, strangely, no blood on it. It's untainted. pure. righteous.

> Take knife

You take the knife and put it in your pocket.