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 Sand Grue Score: ? Moves: ?

> keep digging

Despite having lost all of your air, you keep digging in the sand, hoping to find the entrance through the Earth. You start turning red through loss of air.

> evolve gills

Congratulations! You've evolved gills! You can now breathe underwater with ease! You continue to dig under the water to find the entrance, but soon you get tired and choose to swim to the surface. Oddly, you cannot get out of the hole in the sand you have made. It is completely dark. The exit is now covered in hard, pointy rocks.

> examine rocks

They turn out to be the teeth of a Sand Grue. Of course, you know what happens next.

*** You have died ***

Would you like to start over, restore a saved position, or end this session of Zork? (type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):