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 Glitch City Score: ▒▒▒▒ Moves: ▒▒▒▒▒▒

> go west

You went west at least 15 meters away from the pixel cove. After a few feet of walking, (following the river's opposite flow) you found where the river comes from! BUT, thats just a waterfall. Later, you walk to the water's edge. There is a bulletin board to your right... ..and it's something really terrifying. The bulletin board pic has a terrifying-looking girl wearing a yellow shirt with pink words to her left saying:


She also has blonde hair, a bit squinty eyes, and a smile of a little terrorist. In the background, the sky is black and the mountains are reddish like the mountains surrounding you. Will you go closer to the bulletin board pic? Yes, No, Maybe, Unknown or So?
> yes.....?

You slowly walk near the picture, across the water's edge. But be warned... it's something really terrifying, I'll make your holding fart release at a first glance! Anyway, you walk, walk, walk, walk (the bulletin board is a bit far), and walk. Untill...............................
5 Babuusus (Babuusu.gif) appear and encircle you! These beetle looking enemies are found in these Red-mountains. They will stay in a hole against the mountain wall and will quickly run across the area to another hole. Some say a sword will defeat them pretty easily. A hookshot also works well against these enemies. However, these specimens are the same size of a adult pine tree! Somewhat, a Shadow Grue and a Bori snachs them to eat them (their favorite food). You are very very close to the bulletin board now... gulp... you are standing 3 feet next to the board... Will you look up?
> look up


Now you got scared! As you walk to the opposite way, in the other wall there are colored doors. Hint: one of these door lead to Bindi Irwin's place!