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> swim

You decide that you should get off to a great start in this world by having a swim under the brilliant midday sun. You start doing dives, then you go onto bombs and eventually you just swim around happily. Nobody is here to bother you. Eventually the giant woman does a little *ahem*, down there business, sighs a relieved sigh, gets up and leaves.

Did I mention that in this world there is a language?

> Is it English?

No, it's Worldlish.

> Cool, teach me it

Well, remember when I said that there were 'fishes' in that pond you're swimming in? Remember, last turn?

> Oh yes, why?

'Fishes' is a Worldlish word for 'water grue'.

> WHAT???

So, instead of so called 'fishes' in that pond, there are actually water grues. You are swimming in one of their mouths at this moment. The grue eats you.

*** Dead ***

Restart, restore or quit? (TYPE RESTART, RESTORE OR QUIT):

> I hate you with all my heart